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SOLMA is a new e-learning platform for Ethical Filipino LinkedIn Marketers where together with other LinkedIn coaches, we will share with you how to GROW your ideal client and customer list, plus get MASSIVE engagement and sales for small-medium businesses, agencies, big brands, freelancers, and everyone in-between who uses LinkedIn.


Introducing The P.P.I.N. Stages

Stage 1: Preparation

  • Assessment
    • 3 things to prepare before creating or optimizing a LinkedIn profile
  • Objective or end-goal of using LinkedIn
    • For client / customer acquisition
    • For recruitment

Stage 2: Planning

  • LinkedIn funnel
  • Messaging flow
  • Sales process / marketing funnel

Stage 3: Implementation

  • Profile Optimization
    • 10 Optimization hacks to make your profile a lead-generating machine without using any paid ads
  • Outbound Strategy
    • Finding leads / ideal clients using
      • Free account
      • Sales Navigator
      • Outside platform research
      • Social Media groups
      • Influencer / Dream 100 client research
  • Inbound Strategy
    • Content Planning
      • Market research / LinkedIn content planning
      • What content would be best to attract your ideal clients
    • Content Creation
      • Hand-raiser posts
      • Lead-generated content
        • Testimonials / social proof
        • Challenge participation
        • User-experience 
    • Outreaching
      • LinkedIn messaging
      • Email messaging
      • Sell by chat
        • Types of chat openers
        • Mapping your chat flow
        • Winning the chat game
      • Social media engagement
      • How to carry conversations to avoid getting seen-zoned
      • How to approach prospects without being too salesy
    • Monitoring
      • How to track messaging and send follow ups by just using Google Sheets 
      • How to not waste leads on LinkedIn 

Stage 4: Nurturing

  • Email drips
  • Referrals
  • Webinars / presentations
  • How to keep connections and long-term professional relationships with clients / prospects if you are not yet available to work for them (clients on wait list)

About Janellyn “Jan” Briones​

Online Business Consultant | LinkedIn Lead Generation Specialist | Digital Marketing & Virtual Assistant Agency Founder & CEO | Virtual Assistant Coach | Business Outsourcing Expert

Jan Briones is an award-winning business outsourcing expert who provides support for some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Prior to establishing her own business, Jan worked with three renowned BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies; led sales, customer support, and partnership initiatives that achieved record revenue growth; and worked with globally recognized companies including JP Morgan Chase & Co., Dell, and Citibank.

With an eclectic range of experience and an acute knowledge of what a business really needs to scale, Jan has bootstrapped two companies (JB & Associates PH, and Connected by Humans) to 7-figure revenue, helped hundreds of international clients, and provided work for hundreds of people.
Jan’s mission is to connect global entrepreneurs with high-performing virtual assistants so they can step out of the daily grind, better serve their clients, and make their business run efficiently.
She also now runs one of the most promising communities of LinkedIn Marketers – LinkedIn Marketing Mastermind Philippines Free Facebook Group, where she teaches everything she knows about LinkedIn Marketing, getting clients, and closing deals.